Do you enjoy sharing stories of business success and failures, mergers and acquisitions, statutes and provisions, roles and role conflicts with your students? Can you breath the aura of product charisma and ambience of distribution channels to develop customer satisfying market models? Do figures and relationships excite you enough to research and develop them as business tools and help strategising business moves? If you are passionate about teaching, if your mantra is innovation, if your philosophy is excellence, we need you.

You will be ensured of the best of academic environments. You will be expected to participate in national and international seminars, workshops and consultancy projects. Research Centres are proposed to be set up to address the needs of the industry with active support from business houses.

Financial motivation includes AICTE pay scales plus DA and other allowances as per State Government rules and honorarium for training and consulting. Perks include transport, lunch, leisure and entertainment including club bills. Housing may be considered in case you need to relocate.Your work span will not be limited by specific retirement age.

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