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Basic Sciences & Humanities Department
  • Dear Students,

    Welcome you all to Future Institute of Technology (FIT). The Department of Basic Science and Humanities is very much dynamic. It is the backbone of the entire Engineering Education system. Physics, Chemistry, and mathematics are integral part of engineering studies. On the other hand, ‘humanities’ includes ethics, literature, philosophy, culture, values, ethics and many other disciplines. Our department, as a whole, prepares the students mainly for the problem solving skills, civic responsibilities, and communication skills as well.

    Our departmental laboratories, supported by modern equipments and various audio-visual aids, help the students to attain practical knowledge, accurate application and perfection over the presentation skills. In a nutshell, engineering is all about managing money, machines and manpower; and Management helps the aspiring engineers to enhance their leadership skills and managerial qualities.

    Here, at Future Institute of Technology, we provide our student a conducive academic environment supported by extensively proficient faculty members and modern state of the art laboratories.

    Best Wishes,
    Dr. Sambhu Das
    HOD, BS&H

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